Friday Five: Classroom Set Projects

Education Team Kit Insider

September 27, 2013

What can you make with the Classroom Set? Here are the littleBits education team’s five favorite projects, all of which can be found in the Base + Premium Exploration booklets:


Classroom set


1. Flashlight


This project provides an easy introduction to electricity, simple circuits and tool construction. Try building the flashlight as detailed on the project page/booklet or create a custom design. Can you build a flashlight that blinks green? How about one with a horn in case of emergency? As an added bonus, October is Energy Conservation Month. Save your recycled materials, build a littleBits flashlight, turn off the lights and start conserving resources and energy!

2. Windmill

windmill Energy lessons are a breeze with our little Breezy project. Investigate how wind energy is converted into electrical energy. Incorporate your social studies lessons by exploring the historical and cultural significance of windmills.

3. Art Bot

art bot

Combine electronics and art materials to create a generative art bot. Challenge your students to build an art bot that draws a perfect circle. Practice your geometry skills to measure the circumference and diameter of your circle. How can you change the mechanics of your art bot to draw larger or small circles? What other shapes can your bot create?


4. Hypnotizing Wheel


Don’t be fooled by this mind control machine; it’s also a great way to learn about the color wheel. Instruct students to cut out circles from white construction paper and color in one half completely with blue marker and the other half with yellow marker. Tape the uncolored side of the circle to the back of the fan and turn on your circuit. What color do you see? What combination of colors would you need to see purple?


5. Three Wheeler

three wheeler

Explore the mechanics of motion and the physics of weight distribution with this light activated three wheeler. Challenge your students to design their own vehicles with one, two, four wheels etc. and various sensors. How does the use of different construction materials impact your design?

But wait, there’s more!

The Monarch Butterfly Migration project brings your geography and biology lessons to life. A perfect project for tracking and mapping the fall migration of this amazing species. The littleBits team is busy working on our October education project – stay tuned!










For more inspiration, check out other littleBits lessons and community open sourced projects. If you are feeling ambitious, upload your own project or leave your comments and ideas below!