30 Mind-blowing Halloween costumes for kids

Clever, cool, and cute.

October 20, 2016

As a kid, the sweetest thing about Halloween was the candy. Chocolate, specifically. But the second best part was brainstorming costume ideas with my mom. While she always asked if I wanted to be a pumpkin or Raggedy Ann, I always opted for to be a ballerina, a vampire, or even a ladybug.

If you’re thinking of creating your child’s costume or need some inspiration for a family ensemble, check out these awesome, fun, and way-clever ideas. A few, like the Futuristic Ballerina even incorporate littleBits – so you can trick (or treat!) your kid into learning while they make a cool costume.

1. Ghostbuster

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2. David Bowie & Prince

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3. Dustin from Stranger Things

4. Futuristic Ballerina

5. Sadness from Inside Out

6. Cookies & Milk

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7. Butterfly

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8. Firefighter

9. Space Girl

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10. Mouse

11. Yarn Basket

12. Abominable Snowman & Yukon Cornelius in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

13. Marie Antoinette

14. Charlie from Rugrats

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15. Cotton Candy

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16. Strong Man

17. Unicorn

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18. Milkshake & Fries

19. Madam President

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20. Doughnut

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21. Day of the Dead

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22. Lamb

23. Sprinkles

24. Skeleton Crew

25. Kip, Napoleon, & Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite

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26. Link from Zelda & The Man with the Yellow Hat from Curious George

27. Star Wars

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28. Pokemon Go

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29. Edward Scissorhands

30. Big Hero 6

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager