Introducing… the Exploration Kits!

3 NEW Ways to Make Something that Does Something

September 16, 2013

After many months of design, development, sampling, redesigning, testing, iterating, producing, picking, packing, kitting… we are proud to announce the new Exploration Kits! At littleBits we believe in open innovation, this means not only open sourcing our products, but also opening up our development process. We are iterating through our products and releasing them every step of the way. Over the past months, we listened to your comments and feedback on our previous Kits, and folded them into these new ones. Below a more detailed dive into the new kits and what makes them special. We are proud of every module, every accessory and every drawing in these Kits and we hope you like them too.

As always, let us know your feedback, and help us spread our mission to the world!

– ayah
Founder, CEO

So, What’s new?

New Brand, New Packaging

First off, the Exploration Kits mark the launch of our upgraded brand and packaging. As many of you have noted, our old designs were slick but didn’t convey the idea behind littleBits. Also, as we expand into larger distribution, we have redesigned our boxes to communicate our ideas and modules right on the box, and help you pick the right Kit every time. To find out more about the differences between our Kits, check out this Chart.


Base Kit

Open Exploration

The Exploration Series is one of two series we will have at littleBits: the Exploration Series, and the Specialized Series (coming soon!). The Exploration Series consists of 3 new Kits : the Base Kit, the Premium Kit and the Deluxe Kit, and it’s a line of Kits that allows just that: Open Exploration.

Exploration Kits

littleBits are a very powerful education tool, but even more importantly, they are a platform to explore. We believe in the power of play in learning problem-solving, iteration, and bringing your creativity to life. As with every other littleBits product, every Bit works with every other Bit: lights, sounds, sensors, motors, switches. The magnets prevent you from snapping them the wrong way. Even more, as you grow your littleBits library, every new Bit makes your library more powerful and allows you to venture into logic, music, mechanical design, or arts and crafts.

Or Guided Experience…

But for those of you who prefer a more guided experience, each littleBits Exploration Kit comes with a 30+ page booklet that helps you get the most out of your Kits. The booklets take you through the Bits modules, show you sample circuits and step-by-step instructions to help make some awesome projects. Throughout the booklet, we reference technology you see around you every day.




From the Box to the World

We designed the Exploration Kits taking in feedback we’ve received from our customers. Every kit works right out of the Box, with our custom 9V battery and cable. We also include accessories that make it even easier to connect the Bits modules to the real world. Servo Motor accessories allow you to create gears and pulleys and swingers.

Our most popular module, the DC Motor, now comes with a brand new, custom accessory: the MotorMate. The MotorMate fits on the D shaft, allows you to connect to anything: from pipe cleaners to cardboard to balsa wood. But most importantly, the MotorMate has a slot that fits Axels from other construction kits that enable you to create complex moving structures in seconds.

AccessoriesScreen Shot 2013-09-13 at 8.38.58 PM

More projects

What can you make with littleBits? Too many things to list! In addition to the booklet, we have tons of sample projects on our project page: from a Lil Breezy Windmill to a Honking Tricycle to a Tickle Machine. We also create weekly projects and Tips and Tricks with  videos that help you take your Bits modules to the next level: like how to make googley eyes, or how to make a glow in the dark outfit.

Now it’s your turn, make something that does something!

Deluxe Kit