Summer Fun Projects!

Make an Auto-Cooling Hat, Explorer Light, Monster Ball and Portable Projector!

June 20, 2013

School is out and the curious days of summer are upon us. To inspire creativity and exploration, we gathered some of our favorite Bits for this collection, including the fan (so cool), bright LED (so bright) and bend sensor (so bendy) — and more! All of the Bits come in a screen-printed canvas bag so you can take them to the park, playground or summer BBQ with ease. Best of all, this bundle only costs $111 $69 and is available for purchase here.

To accompany the bundle, we created four projects using the Bits and five household materials: string, plastic cups, a box, scissors and a hat. That means there is no need to purchase extra materials while the heat is on!

SumFunBunReady to create? Checkout these projects for inspiration:

Explorer Light

Illuminate your summer adventures with this handy light!



Every explorer needs a trusty light, and this one is simple to make! All you need are three Bits and three household items — create your own before your next conquest.

Portable Projector

Create dazzling light shows with the portable projector.



To create your projector, begin by combining four Bits and four household items. Then, customize your display by decorating the pastic cups. We recommend experimenting with different shape cut-outs and textures, like glitter and feathers.

Auto-Cooling Adventure Hat 

Keep cool during your outdoor adventures.



Every adventurer knows that they cannot control the elements, which is why it is important to be prepared! We created this nifty hat hack with an Indiana Jones-style hat and three Bits. Choose a hat of your own and stay cool.

Monster Ball

For instant fun and games, take this creature with you to your next summer BBQ. 



To play monster ball, gather your rivals and take turns tossing paper balls into the cup. If you make it, the bend sensor bit, which is cleverly hidden under the tongue, will trigger the fan Bit causing the eye to rotate.