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I am a library media specialist and innovation lab leader. Can't wait to get started with this new Chapter!

Member Inventions

First Little Bits Project - Spinning Pope!

This was just something fun to do with the motor (and Motormate).   I put together the motor with the dimmer switch, folded a...

Cloud Bit and Social Media

Using the Cloud Bit with IFTTT to post a status to Facebook.

Bringing the Bard Back to Life with Circuits

I turned my Shakespeare bust into an interactive, old-fashioned "Zoltan" fortune telling booth like from the movie Big. But rather...

Using Cloud Bit and IFTTT to send emails

One of my first experiments with the Cloud Bit - sending an email via IFTTT. 

Tracker Hacker

Dominate all of your activity monitor fitness challenges without ever taking a single step with the Tracker Hacker! Mystify your f...

#BitOlympics Challenge: Table Tennis

Level: Beginner to AdvancedTime: 2+ hoursRecommended Kits: Smart Home KitCombine your bits with the cloudBit to cre...

Member Lessons

VocaBitlary: Using littleBits to Build Vocabulary

Building a strong vocabulary is an essential component of academic success, but teachers often struggle to find successful ways t...

Turning Points

Turning Points are defining moments in the narrative arc of a novel. Students will have the opportunity to think critically about...

Ancient Mythology: Build an Object of Power

The world of Ancient Greek myths is full of colorful characters, incredible stories, and timeless life lessons. Students will del...

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