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A makerspace in Rio de Janeiro that connects people, ideas, tools and technology to produce social impact and innovation.

Member Inventions

Animatronic Hedwig

Bring Harry's Hedwig to life with the help of littleBits! Using a few littleBits components and some household tools, you can make...

Personal ventilator

If you're a "hot headed person", you should definitely try this out.

Wizarding Wands

Use an interactive Harry Potter wand (from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios) - or a regular TV remote cont...

Buckbeak's Flight (Harry Potter and the Hippogriff)

With the help of littleBits, you can re-enact the scene of Harry Potter going for the ride of his life on his new friend, Buckbeak...

Wingardium Leviosa - The Floating Feather

Using a tethered DC motor and the Bluetooth LE component, make a feather quill pen, or anything else, magically float into the air...

BuzzBag! #HackPack

This bag can scream like a car! who never wanted to have a car like bag?!

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