Club Leader

Thomas Noren

Musical Wires founder Tom Norén integrates 21st century technology (LittleBits,MaKey MaKey, GoPros and iPads) in his STEAM educational programs and workshops creating a synergy between the Creative Arts and STEM. He is on the ECM and SCAC rosters.

Member Inventions

Golf Bot by Tom and Beau

A golf cart and player in one amazing package! Celebrating the return of golf to the Olympics at the 2016 Rio Games

Parade Bot

A bot with a flag (I chose Brazilian flag to celebrate the Olympics) an LED light with a pulse bit for effect!

Olympic Torch Bot and Waving Flag for the 2016 Rio Olympics

A festive Bot carying the Olympic Torch making its way to a the Olympic stand with Brazilian Flag.

Circuit-Bot LittleBits and MaKey MaKey - Completing a Circuit Challenge

Make a LittleBits remote control car using Gizmos and Gadgets Kit. Add foil tape to the front of the car making sure it touches th...

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