Kit Insider: The Summer Fun Bundle

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July 19, 2013

littleBits Kits are designed to help you learn and create. Our goal is to make your post-purchase experience as easy and inspired as possible.

The Summer Fun Bundle is the latest in our series of limited-run bundles. This one has some of our coolest Bits, like the fan Bit (a must-have during the summer months) as well as the bend and motion sensors. A wire Bit, bright led, power Bit and a battery round out the package.

Hang out with Ethan as he tells you how all these awesome Bits work, and shows you some of our favorite projects that we made with the Summer Fun Bundle. All of the projects use only easy-to-find household objects, so you won’t have to exert yourself running errands while the heat is on.

Kit Insider: Summer Fun Bundle from littleBits on Vimeo.


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