Launching new bits, on Bloomberg TV, with our littlePiggy!

January 16, 2012

For all you patient littleBits fans, good news! We are launching new littleBits modules and kits, on Bloomberg TV no less! Make your own active and overactive littlePiggy, no wiring, no programming, no soldering, just snap and play!

Credit: the littlePiggy builds on the “3L Bottle Piggy Bank” instructable by ZenThruCraft.

Your littlePiggy can:

– light up when you put money in
– ring frantically to thank you for feeding it
– buzz when you pet it’s ear
– and sit quietly when you want it to!

All you need is:

a littleBits starter kit, and the newly launched:
motion sensor
long LED

get yours here!


poster tack
double stick tape
foam balls
big water bottle
2 small water bottles
white spray paint
adhesive back felt
christmas bell
label paper


box cutter
super glue
cutting mat


Watch the Bloomberg interview with Ayah Bdeir here

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