Code Kit Introductory Lesson: Hello World

by erin_littleBits

Published on May 31, 2017

Even for learners that have littleBits experience, the Hello World lesson is the recommended starting point before trying the Code Kit tutorials and/or inventions. 



Hello World (click to access the lesson materials)

  • Your very first introduction to the Code Kit! This in-app instruction covers littleBits basics and how to use the software to communicate with your codeBit. 
  • Level: Beginner


To learn more about the Code Kit lessons and learning pathways, check out the Curriculum Guide.


Duration: 50 minute class period

Lesson Guide


Visit CODE KIT EDUCATOR RESOURCES We've created a suite of learning and support materials that aim to make teaching with the Code Kit an engaging and rewarding experience. Explore "Code Kit Educator Resources" (http://littlebits.cc/code-kit-resources) for customizable lessons, plus getting started guides, orientation videos and student handouts.