Code Kit Tutorial Lessons

by erin_littleBits

Published on May 31, 2017

The littleBits Education Code Kit comes with everything students need to build & code four fun games, then get creative and invent their own! Before diving into the inventions, you may choose to start with a series of engaging tutorials. 



Code Tutorials are presented in a series of five plug-and-play lessons featuring:

  • In-app interactive tutorials, merging visual programming with Bits, that will teach your students the basics of inputs & outputs, loops, logic, variables, and functions
  • Fun videos that introduce each of these code concepts
  • A Code Master Workbook to use for assessment and reference as students move into the Invention Units


Click on the titles below to access the lesson materials. 


To learn more about the Code Kit lessons and learning pathways, check out the Curriculum Guide.


Duration: 50 minute class period per tutorial

Lesson Guide


Visit CODE KIT EDUCATOR RESOURCES We've created a suite of learning and support materials that aim to make teaching with the Code Kit an engaging and rewarding experience. Explore "Code Kit Educator Resources" (http://littlebits.cc/code-kit-resources) for customizable lessons, plus getting started guides, orientation videos and student handouts.