Invent a Throwing Arm

by dave_littlebits

Published on March 8, 2016

Start by building a Launcher that flings projectiles with a servo at the press of a button. Set up a tower of cups and try to knock them over. Then modify your launcher to make it even more accurate, powerful, or speedy. Challenge your friends to see who can knock over the most cups.

Duration: 1 hour

How To Make It


CREATE Build your circuit using these instructions:
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PLAY! Now it's game time! Create a target and invent a game with your friends.
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Picture 1


CHOOSE A REMIX FROM THE STEPS BELOW! What do you want to improve or change? Let's experiment!


REMIX A: Try experimenting with the mechanics of your catapult. How does changing the length of the mechanical arm change the throwing distance? Try different objects for balls. What gets thrown the farthest? How does the size and shape affect the distance traveled? What happens when you change the bucket size or shape? How does it affect the throw?
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REMIX B: How could using other Bits make it better? Switch the button with a pulse Bit for automatic firing. Add a number Bit to count the number of shots taken. Create a moving target with one of the motors and the other mechanical arm.
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REMIX C: What other games can you play? Could you invent your own? Try miniature golf, baseball, or bowling!
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Picture 1


SHARE! What new game did you invent? Make it official. Give it a new name. Write the official rules and share what you created. Gather your friends and start a tournament. What do they think of the game? Is it too easy? Too hard? Just right?
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SHARE: Upload it to the Invent Page Whichever way you decide to document or present your invention, don't forget to upload it to! It's a great way to deepen the impact of your invention and to inspire other community members.

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