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Wake Up Watch

by 21ststacy

Published on November 22, 2017

Wear this watch when you go to sleep and it will wake you up when the sun comes up.

Lesson Guide


Step One Using the 3D doodler pen, we created a watch band for the wake up watch using ABS filament.


Step Two With cardboard, we drew a watch face to create the look and feel of a watch. We used package tape to attach the cardboard watch face to the plastic wristband made with the 3D Doodler.


Step Three We assembled our bits together. This included the power source with the battery and battery cable, the wires to extend the length of the watch so that it was not directly attached to the power source, the vibration motor and the light sensor.


Step Four When exposed to light, the wake up watch vibrates on your arm to wake you up when the sun rises.