littleBits and Legos – Community Projects

littleBits will make your Lego project "go"!

November 26, 2013

The greatest thing about Bits modules is that you can combine them with ANYTHING to build new inventions. One of our favorite materials to work with are LEGO blocks. Are you creating projects using littleBits and Legos? We want to see what you are creating when you add littleBits to your Lego project.

You can make your littleBits project come to life by:

-Using a littleBits DC motor to make your car move
-Adding lights to your rocket ships or buildings
-Creating an alarm with buzzers and light sensors for a Lego home alarm system


Submit the project you are working on to the projects page and pin the link to our Pinterest Page. You will receive a free littleBits Teaser Kit!



Check out some of our favorite littleBits + LEGOS inventions!

1. “littleBits Defender” – Created by Adam Roades

2. “LEGOS + littleBits House Alarm” – built by Phelim May

3. “Car” – Built by QoLT Ambassadors

4. “Guitar Strummer” –  Invented by Zachary Shiff

5. “Project Teacup” – Created by Chow Jean Yun

6. “Light-up Spaceship” – Built by 12Crykiller

7. “Pandamonium” – Invented by Malachy

8. “Project Iron Girl” – Created by Chow Yu Hin

9.  “Windmill” – Built by Eldienne

10. “Alert System” – Invented by Joshua (TechKids Aus)