littleBits Community Code

The littleBits community is a friendly bunch, full inventors with many different backgrounds, skill levels, and interests.

To keep our community safe and supportive, we ask that you join us in living by these simple principles:

We are kind, welcoming, and respectful.
Say hello to newcomers, encourage each other, and give hearts freely.

We try new things.
Don’t be afraid to learn new skills or to mess up as you create new inventions. Failure is part of the process, so if you get frustrated just remember: you’re not failing, you’re iterating and learning.

We share what we know.
Everyone here is a teacher and a learner, so be supportive and allow yourself to be supported. All voices matter.

We give credit when we use our peers’ advice, or reference their work.
It’s not cheating or stealing to use someone else’s idea as long as you say where it came from. By remixing each other’s ideas, we all become better inventors.

We keep it relevant.
We love ALL your ideas, but this platform is all about the Bits. Please only post creations that are related to littleBits and don’t be spammy.*

We respect each other’s privacy.
Don’t share passwords or other personal information, or ask anyone to share theirs.*

We’re not jerks.
Everyone knows it’s never cool to make someone feel bad. Think twice before you post something that could hurt another human. Contact [email protected] to report rude or inappropriate behavior.*

Welcome to the community! Happy inventing ;o)



*littleBit community moderators are looking out for everyone, so if we see something that breaks these rules, we’ll contact you to edit your invention or we will unpublish it and approve it after you’ve made changes.