littleBits on the cover of MAKE!

September 12, 2014



The current issue of MAKE Magazine profiles littleBits and its evolution from early prototypes to the cloudBit and other recent product launches.


“‘It’s already been a hit,’ says Richard Ganas, one of Quirky’s product designers, about the company’s new littleBits Pro Library, a massive collection of trim pots, sliders, buzzers, LEDS, motors, sensors, and other gadgets needed to quickly build novel circuits.”


Volume 41 - Download 2



In an interview with MAKE, Ayah spoke about the long-term strategy for littleBits.

“’This was always about creating a tool to democratize hardware and to essentially help hardware go through a revolution the way software did and the way manufacturing did,’ Bdeir explains, ‘to really become this creative tool that any person can start with really quickly and innovate … and invent and create the next big idea.'”


Volume 41 - Download 3


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