Monday Inspiration

Links to Energize and Inspire Your Week

August 19, 2013

1. Ruilbank

A little red clip is turning select Amsterdam park benches into public libraries. Pivot Creative, an architect and design collaborative in Amsterdam launched the project to expand community literature sharing, which is normally reserved for the trains. By partnering with local libraries and bookstores, they have managed to keep the clips stocked with a variety of reading material.

2. Maker Portfolios


MIT announced that the admissions team will now accept maker portfolios as a part of the submission process. “As we see students getting more involved in the Maker Movement, we wanted to give them a more formalized opportunity to tell us about that part of their life and why it’s important to them, ” – Dr. Dawn Wendell, Admissions director. Read more about this exciting announcement in Makezine.

3. Meredith Perry

meredith perry

“Why are we using these 20-foot wires to plug in our quote-unquote wireless devices?” Meredith Perry asked herself this question in 2010, when she was finishing her last year at the University of Pennsylvania. It launched her study of electricity and led her to explore piezoelectricity, a form of charge that is created in certain crystals and ceramics when vibrated. Marrying the fields of sound, electricity and battery technology have presented a great deal of challenges for Meredith, but she has successfully built a prototype and raised her seed round. He company is called uBeam – here’s to their success!

4. Åsa Lucander’s Physics Animation


An amazing short film on physics, narrated by BBC Science Club’s Dara O Brian. Take four minutes to watch!

5. Peek App

Peek app

The International Center for Eye Health developed an app that can conduct eye tests like visual acuity and color vision tests. The app also keeps a record of patients examined, which makes it an excellent resource for delivering affordable health care to people around the world.