Monday Inspiration

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July 15, 2013

1. Materials That Assemble Themselves

The self-assembly team at MIT has been developing a 4-D printer. The new element is time, which advances the process by programming materials with the ability to change shape and become something different in response to their environment. The first proof of concept came from a just-add-H20 molecules experiment: a strand of unformed printed pieces that morphed into the MIT logo once submerged in water. Watch the video:

2. Design Futures Lab Projects 12/13 

The Design Futures lab at Drexel University launched their show which features generative design, 3D printing and other digital fabrication techniques, micro-controllers and sensors to explore how technological innovations might augment our day-to-day environments. Among the works are a floor mat that lights up when pathogens and allergens are present and ambient scent communication.

insp1 insp2

3. Why Kids Need to Tinker to Learn

Gary Stager’s piece in Mind/Shift discusses the importance of the maker movement in schools and why it’s important to engage children in project-based learning (PBL). Best of all, he gave a shot out to Sylvia from Sylvia’s Super Awesome Mini-Maker Show — she’s one of our favorites!