Advice from the Ultimate Makers (Our Moms!)

We’re celebrating the women that we think have some pretty special creation skills. They shell out good advice, too, and we’re sharing it with you today.

May 8, 2015

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we thought we’d celebrate our awesome moms by spotlighting some tidBits of wisdom that they’ve given us throughout the years!

We asked our team members to share the best bit of advice they’ve received from their moms. And, for some extra giggles, we encouraged our bitsters to compare their heroes to littleBits modules, and tell us why.

Here are some of our favorite answers!

Emily Scofield — eCommerce Team


“My mom taught me to treat others kindly and fairly and demand the same. She would be the power Bit. Without her, none of the other Bits work.”



Elle Spektor — Marketing Team 
“My mom once said to me, ‘Don’t try too hard to fit in; do something different and stand out.’ My mom would be the DC motor. She’s always moving in the right direction; chasing her dreams and encouraging us to chase ours.”



Rochelle Lo — Design Team
“Growing up, my mom never let us eat the same food over and over. When I asked her why, she’d respond ‘don’t eat too much of the same food, it’s sooo boooooring.’ My mom would be a fork because she’s the one that holds us together and empowers us all. Plus, the three output bitSnaps are symbolic of my sister, brother and me!’


Patrick Molloy — Operations Team
“My mother taught me to be kind by both her words and actions, she was always willing to help and showed me the importance of both being helpful as well as accepting the help of others. She would be the bright LED, because she has been the guiding light in my life and decisions.”
Jude Brisson — Community Team
“Best advice from Mom:  If you don’t feel comfortable seeing it printed on the front page of the New York Times, then don’t put it in writing. She definitely would have been an Arduino Bit, because she was a programmer / systems analyst.”



Arjun Srivasta — Community Team
“Growing up, whenever i would get frustrated by something or stuck in my ways, my mom would always say, ‘What to do? Uttudoo.’ Uttudoo in Tamil means leave it, so what she meant was ‘Let it be.’ My mom was also commonly referred to as the 5th Beatle. If my mom was a Bit, she’d be a delay because she always has time to give me feedback.”


Allison Vannatta — Education Team
“Sometimes, you’re going to have to deal with difficult situations and it can be hard to remain positive. However, you have no idea what the people around you are going through and you should always try your hardest to lift the spirits of the people in your life. My mom would be a power module. She brings a positivity and charge to any situation and always encourages her children to do the same.”