These kitty-themed inventions are purr-fect for National Cat Day

Innovate for your best furry friend.

October 28, 2016

Today is National Cat Day, so if you’re a cat owner (or just an animal lover!), why not create an invention for your furry pal?

These 5 cat-themed inventions are a fantastic way to celebrate your love of cats.

1. Treat Dispenser

Now you can rig up a system that lets your cat (dogs, too!) text you when she’s in major need of some noms. And, you can feed your pet from wherever you are!

2. Cat Nap


Use a littleBits servo Bit to invent an automated cat toy for your furry friend. Enjoy endless hours of playtime.

3. Cat-o-matic Toy

This clever toy can entertain your cat for hours. Add a light sensor and the toy will go into auto mode.

4. Cloud Module Pet Feeder

Dinner time is a snap when you create this internet-connected pet feeder. The device is triggered just by sending an e-mail.

5. Cat Toy


Upgrade your kitty’s toys with a simple hack using our Base Kit.

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager