News of the Bitosphere! March 31, 2016

Shrine to Diego Maradona, Bits in Space!?, Science Fair WINNER!

March 31, 2016
​Cheers from Manchester, UK!


Community Hall of Fame

Templo Maradoniano Interactivo by Brothers Barcelona students and teachers is an internet connected shrine of legendary soccer player, Diego Maradona.  Tweet a summary of your best digital idea with #ideadelfuturo and baked clay Maradona, will reply from his lego temple with a message that could change your life.  Let’s watch their video again & again!


Bits in Space!? … (nearly)

littleBits in Space almost

That’s right, littleBits flew to the stratosphere when Chris and Aiden Hillcox from the UK sent a temperature sensor and number bit up up and away in a high altitude balloon filled with helium.  Isn’t science fun?  To find out how cold it got, leave a comment here: littleBits in Space … nearly


Bitster Wins Science Fair! #InventForGood

Social Cat Hi Res

SocialCat #InventForGood by Son, Max with help from Dad, Dolf.  Says @Dolf, “My son won the 6th grade Invention Convention / Science Fair with his littleBits-based SocialCat invention.  The invention helps socialize cats by playing calming human voices and soothing music (which he composed and played himself) when they come up to the feeder to eat…The goal of SocialCat to make cats more social, more friendly, increase their chances for adoption, and help reduce the number of cats that are euthanized every year.”  Congratulations, Max!  We’re SUPER proud of you!


ICYMI: March Community Call

The theme of our March Community Call was curiosity. For educator Ramsey Musallam, technology is not a replacement for sparking questions in students. It is another tool to ask “why?” Ramsey spoke with us about his experience cultivating deep curiosity and instilling his students with the need to ask why.  No worries if you missed it – we recorded it for you to watch any time!


Global Chapter Case Study

Take a look inside the Manchester, UK littleBits Chapter
Chapter Leader Steven Flower shares how their Chapter uses littleBits: “Manchester, is currently the City of Science, with a dedicated strand around building a Robot Orchestra. We took the littleBits along to a workshop to create such an orchestra. Check out some of the music we created.”

Read full article by @nickweinberg


#InventForGood Design Challenge Workshop

Rayan Najdi, our Lebanon, Beirut Chapter Leader shared with us his event experiences this month.

Lebanon Beirut

“We introduced the kids to littleBits through the series of design challenges found in your educational guides and we ended up working on an alarm for a deaf mother to alert her when her baby wakes up from his sleep.  During our Second workshop we worked on building and lighting our own neighborhood using LittleBits. Our age group was from 8 to 12 and we had some kids at age of 6 and they really liked it.”​  Thanks, @RayanN!



The #InventForGood design challenge ends March 31st, midnight EST!  Get your inventions uploaded by the deadline with #InventForGood if you want a chance to win $200 of littleBits!!!  In the meantime, let’s check out some of your competition…

Sense-o-Scope #InventforGood by @Cara_L  “For many people, especially people on the autism spectrum, bright lights and loud noises can be overwhelming. The Sense-o-Scope lights up when its user’s surroundings are getting too noisy or too bright. This signal can help people remember to get out of a chaotic environment and find a place to calm down.”

sense o scope

WOW, @Cara_L!  Thanks for showing us how to use the light sensor and sound trigger for good!

Little Bits Life Alert #InventforGood – If your loved ones are hurt you want to know!  That’s why KIdGamer101 built Little Bits Life Alert.  Let’s watch KIDGamer101’s skit.  He’s the Grampa AND the Grandson.


See you soon, Bitsters!  Have a tremendously GOOD week!