CloudBit Firmware

Mac OS X

Get the cloudBit firmware for Mac OS here.


Get the cloudBit firmware for Windows here.



1.0.150513A — RELEASED FALL 2015

This release has no new functionality during normal operation, but adds some real improvements for connection:

  • Adds a diagnostic mode that allows more information if the cloudBit has trouble connecting to you local wifi network.
  • Connects to wifi networks faster.
  • Wifi scan during setup is much faster.
  • Connection to the littleBits Cloud should be much more robust in restricted network conditions: we’ve changed the port we are using to connect from 9480 to the more standard 443
  • Now adds multiple methods to get the current time, allowing successful connection in network setups that are blocking SNTP traffic.


It is recommended to upgrade to this version if you are having trouble getting your cloudBit to connect to your wifi.

1.0.140820B — RELEASED FALL 2014

This release changed the color scheme of the status light, mostly because many people had trouble distinguishing between the yellow and green colors of the cloudBit’s RGB LED. On powerup, the status light is white. We also fixed a bug where occasionally, the output would not activate when triggered by Cloud Control or IFTTT.


This is the original firmware for the first release of the cloudBit. We recommend that you upgrade your cloudBit’s firmware if you have this release. You can tell if you have this because as soon as you power on the cloudBit, the status light is violet.