Inventor Family Spotlight: Maria Renard from Santiago, Chile

"littleBits is a powerful tool for children’s healthy development"

August 17, 2015


Maria Renard
Santiago, Chile


How were you introduced to littleBits?
As an engineer and designer couple (Carlos and I), we’ve been always interested in new things to mobilize our children’s creativity. When we saw littleBits, we fell in love… at first sight 🙂


What toys and tools did you grow up with?
Mostly LEGO, Playmobil and Play-Doh… and trees, bicycles and friends.


How have you used littleBits at home?
In our “play times” (mostly any time) we take out our sets and just have fun. It’s like a commodity in our house. Our children use it as a rapid prototyping tool for lots of ideas that come to their minds (and we love it!).




What has your family made with littleBits?
Music compositions, a car’s light and horn system, and an automatic random drawing device (with the fan!), among others.


What’s your kid’s favorite Bit?
Anything in the Synth Kit, all the way!!!!!!!!


How has littleBits changed playtime for you and your family?
It has presented a whole new world of opportunities for expressing our creativity, and expands our “challenge thirst” as we call it. As a family, we’re always searching for new things, observing new problems and finding a solution (at least trying to).


“Meaningful experiences and insights help [kids] to assert themselves, gaining confidence in what they can do and think independently, creatively and expressively” 


Why do you use littleBits with your kid(s)?
Because they encourage problem solving in a very intuitive and ludic way. Also, because littleBits presents a path for them where trying in hi-res without success is an option: experimentation as a way to discover the world.


Why is it important for children to play/learn with littleBits?
Understanding creativity as the ability to see and solve problems, littleBits mobilizes creativity skills in children. We believe that creative activity leads to breakthroughs that´ll make kids aware of their skills, abilities and aptitudes. Those meaningful experiences and insights help them to assert themselves, gaining confidence in what they can do and think independently, creatively and expressively.

So, basically, littleBits is a powerful tool for children’s healthy development 🙂