Playful Projects from the Premium Kit

Top 5 projects to inspire your Premium Kit creations

October 1, 2013

The Premium Kit is a special way to supercharge your creativity. Filled with 14 modules, and over 600,000 possible circuit combinations this kit allows you even more freedom to create. Check out some of our favorite projects to inspire you and help get you inventing!

1. Hypnotizing Wheel

Hypnotize your friends and family with this simple project.



2. Box Monster 

Create a chatty puppet out of recycled boxes!



3. Pirate’s Pet Polly

Every good pirate needs a trusty parrot on their shoulder, so build your own animatronic parrot to keep you company.



4. Playful Pet 

This loyal pet lights up and wags it’s tail every time you show it some love.



5. Bubble Flute

Whistle a tune to blow beautiful bubbles.




Pick up your own Premium Kit here to get started inventing. Looking for even more project ideas? Check out our project page here. Or better yet inspire us and our community by sharing your inventions.