Press Quotes

“[Ayah Bdeir’s] neon-hued components snap together magnetically to form circuit boards, making it easy–and, more important, fun!–to construct anything from a remote-control car to an alarm clock to a talking puppet.” (FastCompany)

“And with that tool box of tiny plastic logic gates, switches, pressure sensors, motors, LEDs, and whathaveyou, anyone—electronically inclined or not—can build mesmerizing machinations.” (Gizmodo)

“Legos™ for the iPad generation.” (Bloomberg)

“Brings LEGO™-like simplicity to creating electronic toys.” (Popular Science)

“There is no limit to what a person can create.” (CNN)

“I forget sometimes how fun it was to be a kid, when being entertained took something as simple as a cardboard box and a lot of imagination. Thankfully, littleBits reminded me.” (CNET)

“Great new toy for budding engineers.” (Good Housekeeping)

“Making electronics components into Lego-like bricks that could be used by anybody, even the technically ungifted.” (New York Times)

“A nearly perfect electronics discovery kit” (TechCrunch)

“Instead of buying your kid or young-at-heart loved ones a battery-operated gadget for the holidays, why not give them a kit that challenges them to make gadgets of their own?” (VentureBeat)

“It was designed for adults but it’s actually great fun for little kids and can teach them about the basics of electronics.” (WGN-TV and The Maker Mom)

“littleBits are like a souped-up Lego® set.” (New York Observer Scooter Magazine)

“Kids + Creativity = a beautiful thing. That’s what littleBits are all about, creating that beautiful thing by adding together kids and tools that encourage their minds to get active and creative.” (Best Toys Guide)

“The pieces snap and hold together magnetically, and because their color-coded and only snap in certain directions, they’re fantastically easy to learn.” (Slate)

“[…] a kind of Legos for the future wired set. The difference of course lies in how, through creative play, users are taught the fundamentals of circuitry.” (Forbes)

“littleBits is an excellent way to introduce young people to electronics prototyping sans soldering and without the danger of accidentally frying components.” (Make Magazine)