Project of the Week: Controllable RGB LED

Exponential project possibilities with the proto module

September 17, 2014


JACKANDJUDE are at it again! They made an interactive image that changes color depending on the input it receives. Using the new proto module, Jude was able to make a custom littleBits module – a controllable RGB LED! Her module is able to display 7 different colors and had two modes: “color select” and “fade speed”. Hello bitLab!

The image, drawn by her son Jack, depicts an apple tree with 4 apples. The first three apples are colored in, but the forth apple, the controllable RGB LED, changes color. Jude also made a nifty color chart that uses a servo as a pointer to show how the color changes based on the input voltage.



See it in action!

Check out Jude’s submission to the bitLab and vote to add this module to the littleBits library!

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