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3D Printed Minecraft Skier #BitOlympics

by TechScience

Published on July 12, 2015

This is a 3D printed Minecraft Skier. It is based on a skier moving left and right using LittleBits Servo and behind him, a rolling snow background that is moving using 2 LittleBits engines and toilet paper rolls. It's relatively simple to make and is lots of fun! This instruction set includes everything you need including a link to the 3D Printed Minecraft Skier on Thingiverse. Have fun!

Duration: 45 - 90 minutes

Credits: TechScience Australia

How To Make It


1. Print a 3D printed Minecraft Skier. You can 3D Print it yourself:
Img 7062


2. Take a battery, a cable, a power and a servo and connect them together.


3. Attach the Minecraft Skier to the servo. 


4. Take a white box, or a box covered in white paper and stick the servo with the Skier on top. Note, it will be better to hide the actual servo under the box and have only the Minecraft character above the box. If you use a white paper for the snow surface, the illusion of movement will be better. 
Img 7031


5. Take a battery, a cable, a power, a dc motor and a motor mates and connect them together. X2


6. Take 2 wheels and connect each one of the wheels to a stick that is connected to the dc motor / motor mates.


7. Take another white box and attach the dc motors to the box 10 -15 cm apart with the wheels down.
Img 7064


8. Connect everything together to the box with 2 mounting boards, and 3 wires.
Img 7063


9. Take two paper rolls and put them on the wheels in a way that when the dc motor turns, the wheels will turn and also the paper rolls.
Img 7064


10. Print 2 – 3 A4 snow background pictures
Img 7062


11. Attach the A4 background pictures to each other and place them around the 2 paper rolls that are 10 – 15 cm apart, stick the ends of the papers.
Img 7064


12. Place the box with the Skier in front of the background, turn everything on and let him ski!
Img 7016

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