by LitBitsterBro

Published on January 8, 2018

5L1-C3R is a Slicer droid, meaning it can hack into imperial computers. for me, it means I can control my computer with it.

Duration: 45 min.

How To Make It


Build your circuit Look at the picture. Power, control hub, Dc motor, servo, wire, Makey Makey.
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Mount the Circuit Mount the circuit on the droid base. Add the Micro USB cord to the Makey Makey, then put the alligator clips with foil clipped on the end to th earth, click/space, left arrow, and right arrow pads.
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Add the droid body Add the body it on to the mounting board. Feed the Micro USB cord and alligator clips through.
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Finished! You're finished with your slicer bot!

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