a littleBit of a jam

by TexArcana

Published on April 23, 2014

Playable step sequence with envelope shaping, variable randomised filter modulation / switchable noise FX and delay.

Recorded in one take on Audacity, using only the parts in a littlebits KORG synth kit.  No overdubs, external effects or additional equipment were used, apart from the 3.5mm jack used to connect the speaker bit's output to the computer's audio input.

Noise reduction and normalisation were applied to recording afterwards, but it is otherwise unedited.


How To Make It


Power ==> Keyboard ==> Mini Sequencer ==> Oscillator (OSC1) ==> Envelope ==> Split


Split 1 ==> Mix Input 1 Split 2 ==> Filter ==> Mix Input 2


Mix Output ==> Delay ==> Synth Speaker


Mini Sequencer Trigger Out ==> Random ==> Oscillator (OSC2) ==> Filter Trigger In


Hint 1: Gently adjust the Delay Time to produce a variety of arpeggiator-type effects and different rhythmic patterns. Adjust the Delay Feedback to vary the "depth" of the delay effect.


Hint 2: Use the Envelope to adjust the length of the individual notes. Shorter notes (with both knobs set low) usually produce a more rhythmic sound.


Hint 3: Turning up the Resonance on the Filter will cause it to howl and whistle - do this and adjust the Cutoff to "play" an eerie-sounding "lead". When OSC1 is set to a saw wave, the whistle will dominate the sound; when it is set to a square wave, then the howl will be more dominant.


Hint 4: Switch the Random bit to Noise and keep OSC2 on a low-medium setting, to add percussive, electronic "drum" sounds. Try switching OSC2 between saw and square wave for rhythmic variation.


Hint 5: Small changes can make big differences. Turn the knobs gently, in order to achieve an organic, slowly evolving performance.

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