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Scoreboard Counter

by jason.d.wolfe

Published on February 16, 2016

This is a Arduino scoreboard counter that could be a nice addition to any littleBit game that requires keeping score. 2 buttons act as scoreboard triggers and 1 as a reset button.

Duration: Just setting up the bits...about 20 mins.


Based on code from littleBits Arduino Counter by Richard Born: http://littlebits.cc/projects/the-littlebits-count

Gabriel Wilkes, Logan Spies, makertoolset.com, www.sentree.jp, Tokyo International School

How To Make It


Build a Game In these pictures the girls made a basketball game out of cardboard. This scoreboard Arduino counter could ge used for any 2-team game...air hockey, soccer, foosball, etc. Create, put in a counter, enjoy!

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