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Aerial Laser Tag

by H23jaalon

Published on September 9, 2016

Sadly I didnt finish this progect in time for the #BitOlimpics but I am going to upload it anyway. Anyway, Bob, Joe, and Pat are in an EPIC dogfight. Who will win?! You build it and you decide! :3

How To Make It


How To Make 1. Get the circuit to work. You need 3 buttons, 3 bright leds, 3 wire extenders, 3 light wires, 1 branch, and 1 power bit.


2. Then you get your scene ready. Cut out the side off any size box. Poke 3 pairs of holes anywhere in on the board. Then put string in the pairs.


3. Then you make the people. Get about 7 thick popsicles. Cut 3 of them in half. Cut the round edge of 5 of them. Cut ⅗ in half. Hot glue 3 of the halves together, do it with the other 3 too. Hot glue 4 of the round halves on each corner of the 3 thick sticks, do that with the other sticks too. Lastly glue the heads to whatever side you want.


4. Tie the people to the string.


5. Tape the light wire module to the the “arms” and wrap the actual wire around the other people.

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