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by lizabits

Published on February 1, 2016


Thank you so much to all who submitted. We <3ed seeing how creative you got with this one. We'll be back soon with the challenge winner!

Come one, come all to witness this extraordinary, life-defying, awe-inspiring, battery-powered menagerie of animatronic creatures!

Time: 2 hours or more

Recommended Kits: Gizmos + Gadgets Kit, Premium Kit, Arduino Coding Kit

Skills: Storytelling, puppetry, design thinking, engineering, cinematography, character development, script writing


From February 1-29, we challenge you to invent an electronic creature or character using littleBits, then film it in action. We want to see you design a creature that mimics life, a character that has personality. Does it flutter it’s eyelashes? Have a distinctly pitched voice? Slither in an all too real way? These aren’t your typical metallic, mechanistic robots. Friends, we want nothing short of the illusion of life. 

Check out the challenge blog post here for more info, tips, and loads of inspiration!

You can be….

  • a puppetmaster ninja by wirelessly controlling your characters from afar!
  • an electronic zoologist by designing an electronic version of your favorite animal or invent a completely new species!
  • a top performer by creating an mask that moves!
  • a merry prankster by building a scary stuffed animal that comes alive when you walk by!


  1. Brainstorm your electronic creature. Is it an animal? A person? Does it move or speak or breathe? How do you want it to look? See Pro Tips for more ideas.
  2. Bring your character to life. Construct your circuit, then instill it with quirkiness. Remember: weirdness is wonderful. See Pro Tips for a few how-tos.
  3. Make a video. We want to see your creation in action. Film a quick movie to show us how you made it or to tell us a story and take pictures as you Tell us a story or show us how it was made.
  4. Share your masterpiece. Enter the challenge by uploading your animatronic or puppet to the community Invent page using #animatronicschallenge by February 29 at midnight EST.


The winner will be selected by an esteemed panel of judges. She or he will receive a power-packed combo of Bits and status: a kit of your choice up to $200, a mentoring session with one of our superstar designers, a featured post in Meet the Inventors, and the opportunity to judge or help create future design challenges.

Go here for insider tips! 

Have any questions? Drop them into the comment box below.

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