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Arduino LFO/ADSR

by DieterVDW

Published on September 24, 2015

Inspired this project:
http://littlebits.cc/projects/adsr-lfo-super-modulator-for-arduino-bit .
Kudos to blindbento for imagining this project! (Especially the creative use of the keyboard as parameter selector).
Unfortunatly the source code was removed. So this is an attempt to recreate this.

This is my first Arduino project, and it is implemented very naïvely. I'm sure this can be optimized quite a bit, but it is working suprisingly well!

See the project mentioned above for setup.

D0 = Trigger input
A0 = Parameter value input (use dimmer or slider)
A1 = Parameter choice input (with keyboard, use lowest octave!)

D5 = (analog) LFO
D9 = (analog) ADSR

Controls (by name of notes, set keyboard to lowest octave):
C#: Rate
D#: Shape (0 = SINE, others = shift from saw to triangle to inverse saw)
F#: Offset (ie. minimum value)
G#: Width (ie. range of oscillation)
A#: (not used yet)

C: Attack
D: Decay
E: Sustain level
F: Release
G: Offset (ie. minimum value)
A: Width (ie. range of oscillation)
B: Invert (HIGH = true)
C: Repeat (HIGH = true)

* Pretty simple, naive implementation (my first Arduino project)
* LFO is always on right now, but can easily be rigged to trigger
* Resolution and noise is not really good, this can greatly be optimised

Github project:

Duration: 10 minutes


Inspired by this project: http://littlebits.cc/projects/adsr-lfo-super-modulator-for-arduino-bit . Kudos to blindbento for imagining this project!

Github project: https://github.com/DieterVDW/ardiuno-lfo-adsr

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