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Automatic Lego garage door

by joeri

Published on October 23, 2016

A lego garage door that opens with a remote. Move the sliding dimmer in upward to make the door open. Move the sliding dimmer downward to make it close (helping the door down with your finger).

Duration: 45 minutes (including building the Lego garage)

How To Make It


Build the Lego garage house Collect the required Lego bricks and garage door and build the garage
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Add the rotating Lego pole At the back of the garage, add the rotating Lego pole and atttach the Lego wire to it.
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Connect wire to garage door Connect the Lego wire to the back of the garage door with some scotch tape.
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Connect DC motor to the Lego pole Connect the tethered DC motor to the Lego pole, using the motor mate. Build a small Lego construction around the motor, to keep it in its place. Connect the DC motor to the wireless receiver. Set the DC motor in the 'var' mode, so that you can make the Lego pole turn both ways.
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Build the remote control Build the remote control with a battery and a slide dimmer and the wireless transmitter.
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