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Baby On Board Monitor

by MED(S)

Published on March 23, 2018

According to No Heat Stroke, an organization that records child deaths in hot cars, 742 children from ages 0-14 have died from being left in a hot car since 1998 but all of the deaths could have been prevented. In 2017 alone 42 children died in the car. In a car, temperatures can rise 20 degrees in only 10 minutes. Heatstroke is when a person’s body temperature is over 104 degrees Fahrenheit and the body cannot regulate its body temperature anymore. When you have heat stroke, you can get dizzy or even lose consciousness. At a body temperature of 107 degrees cells get damaged and the child dies. Children die of heat stroke more easily than adults because their body temperature regulating systems are not fully developed yet. The Baby On Board Monitor is made to solve the problem of child heat stroke. The monitor has a button that when the baby sits on it, it puts up a sign and shows a picture of a baby crying and smiling. When the parent takes the baby, the sign goes down and the picture stops.

Duration: 2 Days

How To Make It


Build the Circuit and Upload the Program Build this circuit: Battery & Cable - p1 power - i3 button - w1 wire - (8 more w1 wires) - IN1 of w26 codeBit. Connected to the codeBit is an o28 LED Matrix(in serial mode) on OUT1 and a o11 servo(in turn mode) on OUT2. Then, upload the attached file onto the codeBit using the littleBits Code Kit app.
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Add Hook & Loop Shoes to the Circuit On all the bit "feet", add Hook & Loop shoes.
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Add Paper Plates On the button part of your circuit, place the battery, power bit, button, and wire out on a paper plate. Then, place another paper plate on top to create a "sandwich". Tape the paper plates together on the edges.
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Install Sensor into Carseat Place the paper plate "Sandwich" on a baby carseat or tuck it into the carseat.
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Attach the Sign to the Dashboard Using tape or the adhesive on the back of the hook & loop strips, attach the LED Matrix, Servo, and codeBit to the dashboard.
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Test the Invention Place the baby on the carseat and see what happens when you put him on. Then, take the baby off and see what happens.


Next Steps Next, we would like to add an actual voice saying, "Baby on Board".

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