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Beehive Prank

by Magic of Rahat

Published on November 24, 2015

For this prank, we hung a fake beehive tree and used littleBits to rig it to drop. The circuit on the tree has a wireless receiver, servo, mp3 player and a speaker. We also built a remote with a slide dimmer & wireless transmitter. 

When you slide the dimmer, the transmitter triggers the receiver to turn the servo, pulling out the pin that the beehive is resting on. Then the mp3 player plays a sample of bees buzzing through the speaker. Add some crazy hand movements & shouts of "BEES" and you've got yourself a prank!

Duration: 2 Hours

Credits: Rahat Hossain

How To Make It


Build the remote This simple remote is made with a power module, slide dimmer and wireless transmitter. Use a glue dot the stick the battery on the board and you're ready to go!
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Build the beehive-dropping device Connect a power module to the wireless receiver, and then snap on the servo. Be sure the wireless transmitter & receiver are on the same channel. Place the servo motor at the front end of a mounting board using the servo mount. Attach the servo hub to the motor so you can screw on the servo arm. Then, attach a quick release pin to the end of the arm. We used this quick release pin: http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-quick-release-pins/=zybvf1
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Add bee sound effect Use a wire to connect an mp3 player Bit & speaker. Load an mp3 of a bee buzzing into the microSD card and insert it into the mp3 player. Turn up the volume on the speaker and make sure the mp3 player is on “loop” mode. We included the one we used in the "Files" section on the right of this page.


Assemble beehive Make/buy a fake beehive. We made one using papier mache and had a backup that we bought. Add a hook (using tape, paperclips, whatever you have) at the top of the beehive so it can hang on the quick release pin. Or make something different. What other scary objects could fall from a tree?
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Place beehive-dropping device in tree Now that you have your circuits and beehive ready, it's time to set up the prank. We drilled two eye screws into a tree branch (http://www.mcmaster.com/#eye-screws/=zyc0pg). We placed the beehive-dropping device onto a mounting board and screwed it into next to the eye screws. Balance the beehive’s hook between both eye screws on the quick release pin. Check the gif for a demo of the mechanics.
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Picture 2


Hide. Wait. PRANK! The wireless modules have up to 100 feet in range, so take the remote to another room and wait for your victim. Once the prankee is situated perfectly where you want them, use the slide dimmer release the pin, drop the beehive and trigger the mp3 player.

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