Bella Ballerina

by Evan White

Published on May 19, 2015

Bella is in a music box that helps her dance.

Bella the Ballerina is simple design, involving a dc motor to create centripetal force to spin the ballerina.  The dc motor has a constant centripetal acceleration relitvley slow, in result, the ballerina will complete a full cycle about every 2 seconds.  The lights at the side of the box, and the buzzer are for added effect.  The end result of the ballerina is for entertainment with music and a dancer to follow the music.

Credits: Evan White Alyssa McGrone

How To Make It


Have a tissue box with a few cut out square on the sides the size of a single little bit light.


To assemble, first connect the battery source to a fork. Each fork will have a wire connected to it. The outer wires will be connected to the lights. (The lights can go in any order you please. you can also add as many lights as you please.)


You can then place the lights in the tissue box, have a partner align the lights to the cut out holes, while another partner tapes the wires to the inside of the tissue box, so the lights stay in place.


You can choose which side to add the buzzer or noise/music for the ballerina, add a wire to one of the ends of the light. The wire will then connect to a branch. Then add up to three buzzers for sound of the ballerina.


In the center of the fork, the wire will connect to a dc motor. Place the dc motor as close to the center to the center of the tissue box as possible. You may want to tape the dc motor to the botton of the tissue box, or place it inbetween wires to prevent the dc motor from falling over.


At this point, all the little bits should be inside the box. You would turn on the ballerina by flipping the switch from the inside the tissue box. Make sure the switch is easy to access.


Now you have to create the ballerina. Cut out a carboard curcle with a diamere of between 6 and 7cm. With scissors, you can cut a line through the center of the circle. Have a pipe cleaner loop trough one side of the line to the other side of the cute out line. Underneath the circle you can twist the pipe cleaner to smake it a single base. Tape the bottom of the pipe cleaner to the dc motor tip. (This will allow it to spin)


The only thing left to do is creat the actuall ballerina. You can use any paper cut out you please. All you have to do is tape the bottom of the paper cut out to the looped pipe cleaner. After you tape the ballerina to the pipe cleaner, you are finished!!!!


Bella has a low centripetal force allowing her to complete a rotation in two seconds. Bella also has five lights all combine. Each light emits a different color, resulting in the lights to have different wave lengths. The bright led has a higher wave length than the regular led. The led light travels at about 3.00X10^8 m/s. Bella has one buzzer for her music. The buzzers sound is emitted in the air traveling is about 340 m/s.

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