by Lorena_le_gal

Published on May 31, 2018

Bernie is a security blanket which vibrates when you lose it and which sing to wake you and put to sleep you every days. He will become your best friend!

Duration: 1heure

How To Make It


1er At the very beginning it is necessary connected UsbPower to the computer thanks to the cable. Then it is necessary connected the fork to UsbPower. Then it is necessary connected on the 2nd and the 3rd connection wire out.
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2nd The 1st wire out is connected to a button and the 2nd is connected to the bluetooth. These 2 are connected to wireless transmitter. The button is connected to the first crossing of the wireless and the bluetooth is connected to the 3rd.
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2nd You to take a battery that to go to you connected to a power, the same power will be connected to a wireless receiver and to a 3rd crossing to go to you connected a buzzer and on 2 first ones have branch an arduino.
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Arduino You connected the arduino to the computer thanks to a cable and to go to you to go the code into the application Arduino. Then you will press on the button téléverser to confirm the code.


mp3 player You connected the mp3 player on the 2nd crossing of the arduino, then you will put a branchéé announcer on it mp3 to player.
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