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Bike Helmet Light

by tomfbiz

Published on September 19, 2015

Bike helmet light which shows off your your littleBits.

I wanted to protect my light from the weather, but still show off the modules, so I used the little box that fresh herbs come in at the grocery store.

Duration: 45 minutes

How To Make It


Assemble bits connect:

1) P1 Power bit
2) Pulse (adjust speed as desired)
4) Wire
5) Long LED

Connect all the bits using shoes to make sure they stay together.

Use adhesive shoes for at least some of these to anchor the bits to the box.


Boxing it Remove any labels from the box.

Attach the bits to the flat side of the box with the adhesive shoes, making sure the power bit is near the bottom right edge so that you will be able to access the switch, and that the wire will be at the correct spot.

Using a paper punch make holes for the power wire on the bottom, the power switch on the right side, and the long LED at the top.


Attach to helmet Attach the battery and the box to your bike helmet, making sure the red LEDs (both the power one and the RGB LED) are viewable from the back, and the long LED is viewable from the front.

 I used 3M double stick tape, and floral wire, but you might want to use velcro to make it removable.

 Be careful, since you are attaching to a curved surface, so it will only stick in spots.


Try it out Adjust as needed and test it at night.

I'm thinking to make it brighter, I might want to swap the RGB LED for the Bright LED with a red cello filter.
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