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#BitOlympics Challenge: Football by Fun Robotics, @littlebits

by FunRobotics

Published on July 26, 2015

Welcome again ladies and gentlemen!

This is the littlebits robotic soccer done by two cloud bits; one to read your leg's motion to be received by the other cloud bit which controls two servo motors. ^^

What does it aim for?
To teach the students how to build a wireless electronic system using cloud bit by adding motion and smartness to a mechanical structure; using microcontroller, servomotors, sensors.

How does this soccer kick?!
This robot needs two servomotors to kick a ball. These servos are controlled by the receiver cloud bit.
The leg's motion read by an accelerometer sensor that interfaced with the proto bit where the Arduino communicates with it using I2C protocol and converts the rotation degrees into PWM signal that read by the transmitter cloud bit.


Duration: 5 hrs

Credits: Fun Robotics

How To Make It


Sketch the main moving joints of the soccer The understanding of the motion mechanism is important for the mechanical structure.
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Picture 2


Building the mechanical structure of the soccer We can use many ways to build the last mechanical structure shown in the sketch.
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Picture 2


Fix the servo motors on the needed joints According to the last sketch,we need two servo motors to move these joints. These servos are connected to the same output; to make sure they work on the same kicking time.
Img 5666   copy


Connect the servos to the receiver cloud bit! ^^ As shown in the figure.
Img 5664


Let's start with the transmission part! :) The main sensor here is the accelerometer sensor, but how to connect it to the Arduino bit?!
This sensor communicates with the microcontrollers using I2C protocol, in the Arduino Leonardo we can use the pins d2 and d3, for the data and the clock wires.

 For the interfacing with the Arduino, we can solder the sensor on the proto bit to get the sensor powered as well.
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Img 5656

Picture 2

Img 5657

Picture 3

Img 5659

Picture 4


The code We can find the library of the accelerometer on SparkFun site. here: After adding the library we can use our code in this tutorial.


Finalizing the transmitter. Use one cloud bit and follow the online instructions of the littlebits site:

This cloud bit should be connected to a PWM pin a5; to receive the mapped signal and resend it to the receiver cloud bit of the leg. :D
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