#BitOlympics Tundra Edition 2015: Hacking Curling Hits

by ludvikherrera

Published on July 14, 2015

One of the Olympic games that has not as much audience is Curling. Living in West Fargo, North Dakota, one of the coldest regions of the U.S. gave us an idea to bring more fans to the world of cold sports all year round, Curling, with a portable game that will bring fun and excitement to family, friends and anyone that might want to bring exciting hits to their game and learn how this littleBits hack is curling pun

Project takes about 1-1.5 hours to make. Here is the video:

Rules and Instructions
A typical game is played in 8 ends. In each end, 8 stones are thrown, 4 for each player/team. Only 1 team can score in an end; the team with the closest stone (marble) to the center (the shot rock). That team scores one point for each marble closer than their opponent's best stone.
  • Each player/team receives four marbles
  • Players/team alternate marble shots
  • The player/team with the marble on the button (center of the target/circles) wins the end
  • If no player/team has a marble on the button. The team scores one point for each marble closer than their opponent's best stone.
  • Unlike curling, this hacked version, lets you count your stone (marble) if it bounces back from the edge where otherwise it would had been a biter.
  • You earn a point for every end you win. Whoever that scores five ends, wins.
  • You can make your own shooter with a post-it note and a piece of adhesive tape and attach it to the servo.

Credits: Alessa Soleil (a.k.a Polar Bear), 9 years-old - littleBits Engineer and Creative Pato, 6 years-old - littleBits Enthusiast and Creative Ludvik Herrera - Graphic Designer

How To Make It


Trace the curling rink on a piece of paper. We did it on a 24x18 sheet of paper. For this size of sheet our center is 3 inches wide and the whole 24 inches long. The hack line comes at 1.5 inches and the target is a 2.5 inch max circle with 3/4 inch concentric circles. The hog line is at 4 inches from the edges of the circles.
We then score a 1/2 inch tall wall on the long edges of the rink to keep the marbles inside. You can see the scoring bone (white) on the picture which we used to help us scoring and folding the walls.
Pato colored the targets and the button, but then Alessa helped cut the rings from 3x3" post-it notes.


Tracing the rink with pencil and compass.


Pato colors the rings with markers.


Alessa traced and cut out the rings from 3x3" post-it notes.


Draw signs for each team on post it notes for the fans


Arrange the audience on the side of the rink


Set the servo on one end of the rink, attach it with adhesive tape.


Fold a 3x3 inch post-it note so you're left with a 1/4 to 1/2 inch post it stick. Attach it to the servo to make a stick that will hit the marbles.


Play the match, and cheer for your team

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