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Bits Your Board Game!

by pamelabdl

Published on June 30, 2017

We used the Makey Makey to add littleBits to an old board game.

Duration: 2 hours

How To Make It


Choose your game I chose a Disney's Winnie the Pooh game that's similar to Candy Land. I only had the game board, and none of the pieces, so I had to create my own. I decided to make it interactive with the Makey Makey. I did a Google image search and printed my own characters.


Prepare the game board I punched 5 holes in the game board and poked the stripped end of a wire through. I covered each of the 5 game board spaces (and exposed wires) with tin foil, and then colored the foil with a permanent marker to make it match the colors on the board. I created my character pieces by covering a stack of 3 Lego squares with tin foil and taping on the paper character.


Circuit 1- the "spinner" Since I didn't have the cards to tell me which color space to move to, I created a "spinner" out of a sequencer and tissue paper. I used Power + Button + Sequencer + 5 RGB LEDs & 3 Bright LEDs. I set the sequencer to Speed Mode and Random. I attached the LEDs to each of the 8 branches of the Sequencer and covered them with tissue paper corresponding to the colors on the game board. For red, blue, and green I used the RGB LEDs and changed the color to match the tissue paper. For the other colors, I used a Bright LED.


Circuit 2- the Makey Makey and special game spaces Build the circuit- Power + Makey Makey + DC Tethered Motor, Servo, & Vibration Motor. Connect one end of the alligator clips to the left, space/click, right, and earth ports on the Makey Makey, and the other to the wires connected to the board game. Since I had 5 special spaces but only 3 options on the Makey Makey, 2 sets of 2 wires were connected to the same Makey Makey alligator clip. The earth clip was connected to a wire that had a plastic cup with tin foil on it. I put a wheel on the DC Tethered Motor, and attached an image of Pooh being chased by honey bees. I cut a slice in a block of foam and stuck the Servo (on the Servo Mount) into the space. I attached a picture of Tigger to the Servo. I taped Eeyore's tail to a vibration motor, and taped Eeyore to a block of foam.


Play the game This game was played like Candy Land. Push the button so the sequencer tells you what color space to move your character to. When your character is going to land on a special space, hold the character by the tin foil with one hand and touch the "earth" cup with the other. When you press the character against the special space, you complete the circuit and trigger one of the Makey Makey circuits. In this case, if you trigger the DC tethered motor, you are chased by bees and lose a turn. If you trigger the vibration motor, you stop to help Eeyore fix his tail and lose a turn. If you trigger the servo, you're bounced by Tigger and lose a turn. First one to the end wins!

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