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BONEVET Coffee Maker

by edonabejtullahu

Published on November 9, 2017

This project is made by little makers at BONEVET. It is a coffee machine made by cardboard and brought to life by littleBits.

Era is going to show you how you need such a simple circuit to make this amazing project. 

How To Make It


The materials - A box to make the machine and cut out the part for the cups, - Glue gun to make a stand for the cup as the coffee pours. - 3D printed bowl to hold the coffee, and we put some real coffee inside. - A wire to pull up the bowl so that the coffee comes out.


The circuit - Power - Button - DC Motor - Wire - Bright Led


How it works As you press the button bit, the motor will roll the wire and pull up the bowl that has coffee inside, making it pour in the plastic cup. The bright led is used to make light while the machine makes the coffee.

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