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Book Light & Reading Timer

by JackANDJude

Published on April 11, 2015

This circuit is like an "Itty Bitty Book Light" with a timer.  It displays how many minutes have already passed, and the long led stays on until the set reading time is finished.  Now there's no more reason for Jack to keep asking me if his 20 minute reading time is done.  :)   

The trick with this circuit is to combine the timeout (set to one minute) with the Number and threshold (set to value 21).




How To Make It


Set timeout Bit to one minute Set timeout to one minute, using the purple screwdriver and this circuit:

power + button + pulse (around a second or a little less) + long led + timeout (on-off) + Number (up)

Press down and hold the button and start another timer at the same time. When the Number plus module increments one, the timeout has finished. Check your household timer and make micro-adjustments to the timeout with the purple screwdriver until you have approximated one minute. Visit the Tips & Tricks for the timeout: http://littlebits.cc/tips-tricks/fridays-tips-tricks-the-timeout-bit
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Set threshold to minutes + 1 Set the threshold module to go high after the amount of minutes plus one has been reached on the Number module. You can use this circuit to set the threshold:

power + dimmer + Number (value) + threshold + led

Turn the dimmer until the Number reads (Number of minutes + 1). In our case, that is 21. Starting from the far right position, slowly turn the threshold counter clockwise until the led turns on. Your threshold is now set.

Visit the Tips & Tricks for the threshold: http://littlebits.cc/tips-tricks/tips-tricks-threshold

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Assemble final circuit Assemble the final circuit on sticky shoes:

 p1 power + pulse + timeout + wire + Number (up) + threshold + inverter + long led

Leave room on the board for the book. Clip the back cover of a hardcover book to the board. You can reset this timing circuit by turning the power off then on.
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Additional feature If you have a toggle or slide switch, you could place that before the pulse and turn off the timer momentarily without losing the time already tracked.
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