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Bottle Dispenser for Babies

by Girleek

Published on September 8, 2015

Every day I have to give 5 bottles to my baby. Which is approximatively every 4 hours. Mum, geek and super busy, sometimes I do not remember the hour of the last bottle! So I decided to create a bottle dispenser, which counts the bottles I take and notes on an Google sheet the date and the hour.

Duration: 3 hours

Credits: Girleek


How To Make It


Set up your cloudBit Set up your cloudBit if you haven’t done so already.


Build the circuit Build the circuit: USB power + Roller Switch on "Open" mode + W2 Branch where one side goes to Number and the other side goes to Cloudbit + Wire which goes on top of Number. When you setup the roller switch on "open" mode, the connection will be done each the little "arm" will be released. After 5 times, you can reset the Number bit by pressing the button on your contral panel.


Add an IFTTT's recipe Set up the Google sheet with an IFTTT’s recipe. The recipe should read: IF my littleBits cloudBit is triggered [I take a bottle], THEN add a row to spreadsheet in my Google Drive

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