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Brian's BitBot Remix

by Microsoft YouthSpark

Published on July 14, 2016

Brian (7) added a buzzer to his BitBot that he controls wirelessly with a light sensor.  He attends YouthSpark Camp at the Microsoft Flagship store in NYC with his Dad, Jose. 

How To Make It


First build your WIRELESS TRANSMITTER CIRCUIT, then press onto mounting board. This will work as your REMOTE CONTROLLER, sending its signal to the BitBot.  
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Build the second circuit. This will be the heart of your BITBOT. After the circuit is made, press it onto a mounting board.  
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Turn off your circuits and ATTACH WHEELS TO THE DC MOTORS.  
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On the Bitbot circuit, STICK THE BALL CASTER TO THE MOUNTING BOARD with Glue Dots.  
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CONTROLLING YOUR BITBOT: The middle position of the slide dimmers (~2.5V) will stop the wheels. Pushing both slide dimmers in the same direction will move it forwards and backwards. Take it for a spin!  
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Remix with a buzzer and light sensor Brian remixed the BitBot by adding a light sensor and powersnap to the center Bitsnap of the wireless transmitter and a buzzer to the center Bitsnap of the wireless transmitter. Here, he is adjusting the light sensor's sensitivity with a purple screwdriver.
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