by littleBits

Published on April 23, 2014

Create a miniature electronic football game with our littleBits Premium Kit. Get yours today.

How To Make It


Start by finding a proper box for the football field. We used a tin box; however, if you are not familiar with handling metal sheets, we do not recommend this since it may require the use of power tools and be potentially dangerous. Instead trying using a thin plastic box or thin cardboard box.


Measure the bottom of the box and draw a football field accordingly. If you want to use our design file or just want to use it as a reference, download the attached file. Our football file is 6 ½ inches wide and 7 ¾ inches long. Stick the football field graphic on the bottom of the box, using adhesive spray.


Punch holes 3mm (about ⅛”) diameter, for vibe snaps, on the bottom of the box. You can decide the number and the location of the holes you want. We placed holes every "10 yards" of the field in 3 rows. We grounded down the residue from the holes inside of the box, using a dremel. It is very important to make every edge clean so you do not cut yourself later.


Get rid of the walls on the two long sides. We marked the boundary with masking tape, made cuts, cut about ¼” off from the marked boundary using a dremel, filed the edges and then fold the edges inside. By doing this, you can keep your hands away from sharp bare edges while you play.


Let’s assemble the circuit: power + wire + branch. Then build the same circuit from two sections of the Branch: button + wire + vibe motor. Make sure you have vibe snaps on each of the vibe motors.


Hold your circuit in position inside the box for a moment and see where the buttons should go. Mark the position and make holes at each spot. We initially punched small holes and then widened them using a round file. The size of the hole should be slightly bigger than 13mm ( slightly bigger than ½”)


Place the circuit inside of the box with glue dots, except for the vibe motors. Be careful to not cover the holes at the bottom.


Make goal posts out of construction paper and attach them at each end of the field with glue dots.


Now to make some players! Players can be anything you think of. Our players are lego people for one side and littleBits modules for the other side. Cut the tops off toothbrushes and attach your small football players on them with glue dots.


Now it’s time for fun. But do not too obsessed to the result of the game. It is 100% random who beats whom.

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