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bubble bot makers!

by cubyhlee

Published on July 29, 2016

Focus of our littleBis workshop is to experience the thinking process of designing a system with specific function in mind. In this bubble bot making workshop, Kids first learn about algorithm and apply that thinking process in making bubble bot with littleBits.




Duration: 60 - 90 mins

How To Make It


Bubble Bot 비눗방울 기계 1. Discuss what we do when we play with bubbles and how to make them.
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2. Think about the things you need to make bubble including bubble liquid and list them on a paper.
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3. From the list figure out inputs and outputs.


4. choose input bits and output bits.
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5. Draw the bits on a paper. Sketches that kids came up with are varies from minimalist to ...expressive ^^. It is very fun to see the drawings.
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6. Start making according to your design and if it doesn't work, fix the drawing and try again!
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