Bubble Charmer

by emily_littlebits

Published on October 8, 2015

Can you charm bubbles out of a bot with a single tune? Play this EXOTIC, BUBBLE-CHARMING FLUTE by placing your finger over the light sensor.

This project is a REMIX of the BUBBLEBOT. You can start either build the Bubble Charmer from scratch or if you already made the Bubblebot, just make a few small adjustments to your circuit as seen below.

Duration: 45 minutes

How To Make It


BUILD YOUR CIRCUIT. On the LIGHT SENSOR, Set the mode switch to DARK. ___
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TEST YOUR CIRCUIT. Put your finger over the light sensor. By moving your finger, you can change the amount of light hitting the sensor, which will change the speed of the fan and the sound coming out of the buzzer. *Depending on the lighting conditions, you may find that you need to change the sensitivity of the light sensor. Adjust the sensitivity with the little purple screwdriver.
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BUILD A BUBBLE TUBE OUT OF LEGO. When designing the tube, you will need to think about where the fan fits and how the Bits and battery sit on the structure. You will want to make sure to position the fan so it’s blowing air INTO the tube. *PRO TIP: You can build around the fan to hold it tight against the tube.
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PRESS YOUR CIRCUIT ONTO BRICK STRIPS, and then press the Brick Strips onto the bubble tube. *Note: When placing a socket brickStrip on Lego studs, the sockets go in between the studs, not on top of them.
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LET’S BLOW SOME BUBBLES! Pour bubble solution into a small plate or bowl. With the fan completely off, dip the tip of the bubble tube into the bubble solution. Lift the tube out of the solution, then slowly cover the light sensor to turn the fan on and start blowing bubbles.
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BLOW EVEN BIGGER BUBBLES! The spaces on the bottom of a Lego brick (the sockets) hold a lot of bubble fluid, which means this flute can make some BIG bubbles. Adding a few drops of glycerine (available at most drug stores) to the solution will also make your bubbles even bigger.
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