Bumper Ball With A Scoreboard

by Mr.littleBits

Published on June 25, 2017

I changed the bumper ball project so that it has a scoreboard and counts up every time you score a point using lego, and littleBits.

How To Make It


Bumper Ball Create the bumper ball project. If you don't have a second power bit for later then at this point use a USB power bit instead.
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creating your circit Connect a power bit, a wire bit, and a BLE bit together to make your circuit.
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Attaching your circut to the lego Make an 8 stud x16 stud lego base to put your circut on. Attach your circut to a lego adapter and then attach it to your lego base.
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Score board creation Make the score board by building up the lego in a funnel form around the light sensor.
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Positioning your score board Place your score board (what you built in step 4) at the back of your bumper ball project.
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Set up your BLE bit Go to bit controls and select "count up" Turn on both circuts and select your BLE bit. When you cover the sensor the number will go up. Note: If you don't use it in a room with light it won't work.
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